All Features Of The Top Gun Green Bomber Jacket

Top Gun Bomber Jacket

You will see Tom Cruise wearing different jackets in this movie the one that stands out the most is the brown-colored leather bomber jacket that is worn by Maverick in this show. This jacket is something that will be a great part of your wardrobe. You won’t only get to wear it for the sake of cosplay but can wear it in your routine life because it is warm and comfortable as well. so, the purchase of this jacket would be productive for you.

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All features of the Top Gun Green Bomber Jacket

Following are all the features of this jacket that describes this jacket the best. Based on that you can decide on purchasing this jacket as well.


This jacket is stitched in a loose fit. Most people prefer wearing loose clothing as it gives them a great amount of comfort. this bomber jacket will offer you comfort with its loose fit.


The fabric used to make this jacket is genuine leather. This is why this jacket is very comfortable and durable. As you know leather when in its genuine form can last a lot longer, same is the case with this jacket as it is comfortable and durable due to the lath material. Another fabric material that is used in this jacket is the viscose lining. The lining adds more to the warmth and comfort of this jacket.

Other Features of this Jacket

This bomber jacket has a front zipper closure and ribbed hems. Sleeves are long and have ribbed hems as well. There are our pockets in total on this jacket. Two pockets are on the outside of its jacket and two of them are on the inside. The outside pockets have a flap tab button closure so your belongings can stay put within the pocket.


You’ll see a lot of patches on this jacket as well and each one of the patches represents a different thing it is important to earn the significance of these patches on the Top Gun Green Bomber Jacket.


The tomcat patch is round-shaped with an armed tomcat in the middle of it and the US Flag is in the background. This patch also says the name “Tomcat”. This path represents a craft from Top Gun Movie and the name of that craft is the F-14 Tomcat. This craft belongs to the US Navy.

U.S.S William H Standley DLG 32

USS William H Standley was a Belknap class cruiser leader of the USSR the ship was named after the Chief of Naval Operations USSR. This cruiser was initially launched as DLG 32.

Texas Dallas

Texas Dallas Path is a flag of Texas and Dallas is also one of the main cities of America. This patch has a white-colored star against the black background next to the white upper and red lower line. Names of Texas and Dallas are mentioned on this patch as well.

Naval aviation center patch

This patch has the insignia of a Naval air station in the USA. This naval air station is also known as the world’s large naval air station and it is located in Florida America. This facility offers training for pilots and also has the national naval aviation museum. This patch is a triangle shape with the NAS America flag in the center of it.

USS Oriskany

This is a round patch with a picture of USS Oriskany in it. This is an aircraft carrier that was made by the US Navy after World War II.


These are all the features of this amazing top gun jacket that you wish to purchase store i.e. Coupon Follower. You crow also know what some of the patches on this bomber jacket mean. This jacket is extremely comfortable and due to that, it will be not only fun to wear fashion-wise but comfort-wise as well.

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