Understanding BigCommerce Themes Or Frameworks 2022

BigCommerce – Explanation

In this era, BigCommerce is leading the eCommerce development company. It is an open SaaS platform. This platform provides you boundless possibilities to establish, grow and innovate your business.

By using BigCommerce, you can develop an appealing and amazing experience for your website visitors. You can also establish your BigCommerce apps and website with BigCommerce themes, and there are various design tools and operational commands which help in creating easy to use and secure eCommerce platform. BigCommerce themes also support the struggle by rapidly delivering eCommerce experiences that keep the users visiting BigCommerce apps and websites repeatedly.

Key Elements of BigCommerce

You can establish a modified, robust eCommerce experience without troubling the scalability, security, and stability. The vitality and openness of the eCommerce and BigCommerce themes establishing platforms empower the users to optimize their online businesses for rapid and stable growth.

Moving on to some of the main elements of BigCommerce:

Customization Of Websites

BigCommerce themes have pre-built templates that are responsive and help you swiftly develop an eCommerce store (i.e Coupon Followers). It is a remarkably customizable platform.

Moreover, stencil enables the BigCommerce developers to tailor-make the shopping cart templates, which gives them more control over designing.

Integration Of Application

This BigCommerce platform integrates with the extrinsic applications and manages third-party approved and tested marketplace. A well-stuffed app marketplace with an active BigCommerce apps developer group can guide online businesses to appear with custom elements or required components that can make the BigCommerce apps and website more advanced.

Analytics Optimization and SEO

There are built-in SEO features in BigCommerce themes that help businesses to boost their organic exposure. The analytics dashboard caters to the visitors’ insights and page visibility simultaneously with the product-level efficiency and achievements.

Payment Methods And Inventory Management

There are many third-party service payments that come with the BigCommerce platform. It accepts payments from hefty providers, accommodating Paypal, etc. this factor allows online businesses to acknowledge which service is beneficial for them currently and in the future as well.

API Performance

BigCommerce makes it possible to manage 24,000 product renewals and uploads in under one minute and supports 400+ calls per second.

Catalog Scalability

BigCommerce push and control panel allows you to manage the product catalog from an external operation by using the catalog API.

How To Select An Accurate BigCommerce Themes & Framework For Your Online Business

Remember that not even two themes are equally made. So do proper research before selecting anything. When choosing the BigCommerce themes and framework for your online business, you must consider some of the main aspects, which are as follows:

Make A Content Strategy

Analyzing which content you want to showcase on your website will help your online store determine which type of BigCommerce themes or frameworks support it.

Some of the main points that support your content strategy are as follows:

  • Social media
  • User-generated content
  • Blog posts
  • Featured images
  • Product videos and images

Fundamental UX Features

Nowadays, visitors need beautiful plus advanced UX features to turn into a customer.

Here are some essential UX features for your online business:

  • Built with clean code and full-width design
  • Simple checkout
  • Fast speed on every device
  • Compatibility with eCommerce plug-ins
  • Product detail variations
  • Mobile responsive functionality
  • Good search and navigation features

Competitor’s Website Research

When you want to build an online store, you must oversee what your competitors are doing. You will get two benefits by doing this research: first, you will know what type of features and experience they are offering. Lastly, you know what features you should avoid on your website.

Select the best BigCommerce themes and frameworks for your website to deliver the best experience to your customers.

Top 6 Platforms For Establishing Online Business App And Website

There are many platforms where you can make your online business presence. Still, among all of them, Shopify and BigCommerce are quite prominent because of their easy access and various features. But one thing you must know is that one shoe doesn’t fit everyone, and you must check other options as well so you can select the best one according to your need:

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It serves great for businesses having large inventories.


If you are on a budget, then Zyro will be best from the price point of view.


Have amazing features and is quite popular among the users.


If you have a small business with under 100 products, then it would be suitable to use Wix for your online business.


If you are a WordPress user who wishes to sell online, then BlueHost is the option for you.


If you are focusing on the niche market, then Squarespace would be the best fit for your online business.


BigCommerce apps and websites are a great platform to make your business’s online presence as it has an affordable entry-level plan that has amazing and easy features to portray on your website. BigCommerce is an incredible place to start businesses and even for existing business owners who didn’t have exposure to the online market. Feasible for people who use third-party payment methods and want to keep them.

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