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HD Color AMOLED Screen.

Key Information Aggregation.

The Flash Sale at Amazfit X with a features of HD AMOLED screen. With its visual priority-based design, it has a unique UI that targets the optimal balance of information volume to bring the user a clear display even under direct lighting.

Refined & Elegant;

No Physical Buttons.

The one-piece metal body features brand-new pressure-sensitive sensors that replace the traditional physical crown to give the watch body a smooth crescent shape. The Amazfit X responds with lifelike haptics, with linear motor feedback granting textured vibrations.

Measure Your Stress Level 

and Control It. Curved Lithiumion Battery Design. (Note 1)

The thin, light, curved design of the watch body raised a challenge regarding battery space, and so the Amazfit X breaks spatial limits with a curved lithium-ion battery that allows the watch to be used for a whole week from a single charge.

Keep Abreast of Your Health. (Note 2)

Thanks to the brand-new BioTracker™ 2 optical sensor, the watch can monitor heart rate 24 hours a day, and inform you of heart rate zones and abnormally elevated heart rates. The watch can also measure your SpO2 levels anytime you feel unwell to help you understand your physical state.

Track and Improve Your Sleep. (Note 3)

Always Mind Your Stress Level.

The Amazfit X senses when you are asleep and begins tracking data through the light, deep, and REM (dreaming) sleep stages, as well as monitoring naps between 11am-6pm that are over 20 minutes. You can also check your stress level anytime and get tips on relaxing.

One Score to Summarize Your Physical State. (Note 4)

PAI™ (Personal Activity Intelligence) is a science-backed single-value health score unique to each user. It measures the impact of physical activity on your heart by processing data about heart rate, exercise time, and other health information with an algorithm for easy understanding of your physical state.


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